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靠近Blue Gate (蓝色大门)的高档家庭旅馆,设有餐厅

  • 免费欧式早餐和免费 WiFi


  • 套房, 私人浴室 (Belle de jour) - 大堂
  • 套房, 私人浴室 (Belle de jour) - 大堂
  • 套房, 私人浴室 (Belle de nuit) - 浴室
  • 套房, 私人浴室 (El Menzeh) - 浴室
  • 套房, 私人浴室 (Belle de jour) - 大堂
套房, 私人浴室 (Belle de jour) - 大堂。图片 1(共 37)。
1 / 37套房, 私人浴室 (Belle de jour) - 大堂
5 Place Batha oued el fajjaline, 菲斯, 30110, Fès-Meknès, 摩洛哥
  • The place was really nice. It is a restaurant and have few extra rooms. There is a live…


  • They were quite helpful. Arranged an early morning breakfast for us as we had to leAve…


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  • 已使用消毒剂清洁住宿
  • 住宿确认实施了更严格的清洁措施
  • 主要接触区域设置了将住客和员工隔开的防护屏
  • 免费 WiFi
  • 提供停车场
  • 无烟



  • 7 间无烟客房
  • 每日客房清洁服务
  • 餐厅和酒吧/酒廊
  • 商务中心
  • 儿童看护
  • 24 小时前台服务


  • 保姆/儿童看护
  • 每日客房清洁
  • 洗衣设施
  • 干洗/洗衣服务


  • 位于Fes El Bali (法斯巴利)
  • Blue Gate (蓝色大门) - 5 分钟步行
  • 德巴塔博物馆 - 3 分钟步行
  • 欣安尼亚回教神学院 - 4 分钟步行
  • Place Bou Jeloud - 7 分钟步行
  • 珍丝比尔公园 - 10 分钟步行


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  • 双人房, 私人浴室 (Marjolaine)
  • 双人房, 私人浴室 (Tulipe)
  • 双人房, 私人浴室 (Jasmin)
  • 套房, 私人浴室 (Belle de jour)
  • 套房, 私人浴室 (Belle de nuit)
  • 套房, 私人浴室 (Belladone)
  • 套房, 私人浴室 (El Menzeh)


5 Place Batha oued el fajjaline, 菲斯, 30110, Fès-Meknès, 摩洛哥
  • 位于Fes El Bali (法斯巴利)
  • Blue Gate (蓝色大门) - 5 分钟步行
  • 德巴塔博物馆 - 3 分钟步行



  • 位于Fes El Bali (法斯巴利)
  • Blue Gate (蓝色大门) - 5 分钟步行
  • 德巴塔博物馆 - 3 分钟步行
  • 欣安尼亚回教神学院 - 4 分钟步行
  • Place Bou Jeloud - 7 分钟步行
  • 珍丝比尔公园 - 10 分钟步行
  • 塞默灵城门 - 13 分钟步行
  • 奈加因客栈 - 14 分钟步行
  • 阿塔里纳神学院 - 14 分钟步行
  • 卡鲁因清真寺 - 15 分钟步行
  • 卡鲁因大学 - 15 分钟步行


  • 菲斯 (FEZ-赛斯机场) - 31 分钟车程;10.1 英里/16.2 公里
  • 费兹站 - 8 分钟车程;2.2 英里/3.5 公里
  • 区内班车



  • 7 间客房


  • 入住时间:12:00 PM-随时
  • 退房时间为 中午 12:00


  • 新冠 (COVID-19) 疫情提醒:各地旅行要求瞬息万变,包括旅行前是否需要接受新冠 (COVID-19) 检测并在抵达时进行隔离。


前台接待时间为每天 午夜 00:00 - 午夜 00:00。前台员工将在住客抵达时出面迎接。


  • 需要信用卡、借记卡或现金押金,以支付杂费
  • 可能需要政府颁发的带有照片的证件
  • 最小登记入住年龄为 18 岁


  • 婴儿保姆/幼儿看护


  • 恕不允许携带宠物


  • 公共区域提供免费无线和有线上网接入
  • 房间内提供免费无线上网接入


  • 住宿内延时停车场(收费)


  • 无烟酒店
* 如需了解其他信息或额外收费项目,请参阅下方详细说明。



  • 每天提供欧式
  • 餐厅
  • 酒吧/酒廊
  • 小吃吧/熟食店


  • 商务中心
  • 一间会议室
  • 电脑站点


  • 24 小时前台服务
  • 礼宾服务
  • 干洗/洗衣服务
  • 洗衣设施
  • 行李寄存
  • 多国语言服务员
  • 行李员/门卫


  • 德语
  • 意大利语
  • 法语
  • 英语
  • 西班牙语
  • 阿拉伯语



  • 免费 WiFi


  • 每日客房清洁



  • 菲斯巴塔宫殿酒店
  • Fes Palais Batha Guesthouse
  • Guesthouse Palais Batha
  • Palais Batha Fes
  • Palais Batha Guesthouse
  • Palais Batha Guesthouse Fes
  • 巴塔宫殿酒店家庭旅馆
  • 菲斯巴塔宫殿酒店家庭旅馆
  • Palais Batha Guesthouse Fes
  • Palais Batha Guesthouse Fes
  • Palais Batha Guesthouse
  • Palais Batha Fes
  • Guesthouse Palais Batha Fes






已使用消毒剂清洁住宿;住宿在下一批客人入住前会使用消毒剂清洁公共接触表面;床单和毛巾会经过至少 60℃ 的高温清洁;清洁后会对客房门进行密封;住宿使用静电喷雾进行清洁消毒。





  • 是的,只要在入住前的一定天数之前取消,巴塔宫殿酒店在我们网站上可订的部分客房可全额退款。请务必在我们网站上查看该住宿的取消政策,了解确切的条款和条件。
  • 该住宿确认已使用消毒剂清洁住宿。请注意,该信息由我们的合作伙伴提供。
  • 是的,可提供延时停车(收费)。
  • 很抱歉,不允许携带宠物。
  • You can check in from 12:00 PM - anytime. Check-out time is noon.
  • 是的,有一家店内餐厅。附近的餐厅包括:Chez hakim(3 分钟步行距离)、Le Coin des Artistes(3 分钟步行距离)和Nagham cafe & restaurant(4 分钟步行距离)。
  • 在温暖的季节,可以快乐地体验???等附近的活动。附近的其他娱乐活动包括观鸟。
  • 4.0.一般

    Bad customer service and run down place

    We went to the hotel a day early to let them know we were checking in late the next day and they said everything was ok. When we showed up the next day, they didn’t have our reservation. After showing them the hotels.com booking, we were taken to our room. There was no soap and the AC only worked on high (not low or medium). Worst of all, the shower wouldn’t drain so we had to shower in a flooded stall and the free WiFi didn’t reach our room. I complained the next morning to find out that the person responsible for our booking, didn’t tell the staff we were coming, and didn’t properly prepare the room. House keeping drained our shower and advised us we had to twist off a part of the plug to release the drain. WiFi should have worked but they forgot to give us the new WiFi code for our room. Just poor customer service over all and a pretty run down accommodation.

    住宿 1 晚, 2019年09月25日

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  • 8.0.很好

    Service is very slow. They did not replenish toiletries so we need to walk all the way down and ask for it everyday. Other things are fine. Room is comfortable.

    与朋友一同住宿 3 晚, 2019年04月26日

    Hotels.com 真实住客点评

  • 8.0.很好

    I would stay there again

    Architecturally amazing. Location was very close to the Blue Gate right on the edge of the Médina. Two minutes and you are in the thick of it. The crazy thing is it is tucked into a doorway without a sign. I was lucky and was taken there by someone who could find it. The roofed courtyard is a restaurant. Breakfast was pretty good. There were two young men “porters” who were particularly helpful and kind.

    Renee, 住宿 3 晚, 2019年01月24日

    Hotels.com 真实住客点评

  • 2.0.

    The moment we arrived, the staff tried to short change me by about $20. Then our room was on a fourth floor, up a staircase with no light, where I fell. My pregnant wife was nervous going up and down. They advertised WiFi, but there was none in the room. No one ever came to clean the room in 3 days, and it smelled like sewage. Did not look like anything advertised. When I was leaving, staff comes and asks for tip for cleaning ladies, I said no one ever cleaned my room!

    住宿 3 晚, 2019年01月06日

    Orbitz 真实住客点评

  • 8.0.很好

    The breakfast was excellent et the staff very friendly.

    全家住宿 5 晚, 2018年12月19日

    Expedia 真实住客点评

  • 8.0.很好

    Very good location right outside the Médina. Very easy to grab a cheap taxi for 10 MAD that will drop you right at the front door. Nice welcome tea when you get there. I would recommend this place as it was clean. The only problem was that we were on the top floor and the WiFi did not reach there.

    浪漫之旅住宿 1 晚, 2018年11月18日

    Hotels.com 真实住客点评

  • 8.0.很好

    Beware the suite configuration descriptions!

    The descriptions of the suites on Hotels.com are false and misleading. I sent feedback immediately upon check-in but as of today I have not received a response/follow-up and they remain unchanged. Belle de Nuit (the room we booked) is listed as having 1 queen and 2 singles, Belle de Jour is listed as having 1 queen and 2 double sofa beds. In fact, each has 1 queen and 2 very narrow, very firm sofas. Luckily, Belle de Jour was available when we arrived and the queen was actually two twins put together, so they were able to separate them for us to each get an actual bed. But it was quite difficult and distressing trying to explain why we were so upset with being misled, and that we needed two beds, as at the price we’d paid, neither of us should have to sleep on the skinny hard sofa for 4 nights. Once that was sorted, the room was lovely. The heating worked quite well, but would have benefitted from a ceiling fan to circulate the hot air as the ceiling is very high. The bathroom was good and bad. The shower water pressure and temp were great; but no shower curtain meant half the floor flooded every time we showered. Leave everything by the sink and it’ll be OK. The included breakfast was lovely and more than we could eat! The wifi was OK (not great) and dropped out at times. There seemed to be another stronger router, but when I asked, the manager wouldn’t give me its password. There is an extensive rooftop terrace which would be lovely in warm weather.

    与朋友一同住宿 4 晚, 2018年11月10日

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  • 8.0.很好

    Perfect location

    Loved the location, walking distance to Blue Gate and taxis available right outside the entrance of the hotel. Want to mentioned to of the employees that made my stayed great, an older lady that cooks and clean, as well as the guy that serves breakfast in the morning, both great customer service and friendly. The only downside of my stay was that my room was all the way on the rooftop and at night there was no lights on the stairs nor by my room, everything was pitch black and Injad to use my phone light. I asked for this to be fixed in three different occasions, nothing was done, looked like the owner wants to save money on electric as they had the fuse to that floor off. Other than that, I liked it.

    Ana, 住宿 3 晚, 2018年11月06日

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  • 10.0.杰出

    Great location Very helpful staff Room was excellent

    住宿 2 晚, 2018年10月08日

    Expedia 真实住客点评

  • 10.0.杰出

    A homelike hotel

    Good location- five minutes to Blue Gate. Room was not so big but was clean and tidy with clean bathroom. Free breakfast provided with various drinks and food, food was tasty and delicious. The most impressive thing was friendly and helpful staff, especially the lady who prepared the breakfast for us everyday. She was cheerful and alwalys gave us a heartwarming feeling.

    Steve, 住宿 3 晚, 2018年07月28日

    Expedia 真实住客点评

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